Software as Service


Software as a Service – SaaS, model of Software Application Implementation model has started gaining momentum in today’s competitive business environment. SaaS supports business houses of any vertical ranging from a small business to fortune 500 companies. Business houses started SaaS model since it is driven by ease of deployment, flexibility, scalability, portability and pricing model that is predictable. To stay ahead of competition, PCI practices the SaaS strategic solution implementation and maintenance. SaaS model solutions are being practiced either exclusively or as an alternate solution.

PCI leverages its expertise in technology to offer a perfect blend of on-premise and cloud computing strategies in SaaS model. Cloud Computing is a proven methodology to design, market, engineer, deliver and maintain services enabling its customers to virtually access their application from anywhere. PCI’s SaaS model assures ROI for its clients since their clients need not invest big in the software that may go redundant by technology over a period of time and changing business rules. We at PCI provide application as per the current technology and tools and upgraded with as-on-date business processes enables customer to use applications that are proven and up-to-date. As well Clients pay as per their usage periodically promises minimized investment on software.

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