Migration & Porting Serivces

Any business house, if they are not in phase with today’s technology it’s a challenge whether they are going to be in the market or out of the market. As well we need to embrace the changes that happen in the technology era and keep ourselves updated in order to serve our customers better. Every technology or tool, go void very easily and quickly. Thus in order to stay ahead of the competition and avail the benefits of latest technological advancements it becomes increasingly important for ISVs and enterprises to migrate / re-engineer their products or business applications.

PCI’s product re-engineering offering helps our clients retain their competitiveness in the market by re-creating their existing products with contemporary technologies thereby helping save costs associated with training an in-house team or hiring an altogether new set of people. The outsourced team is first trained on the functionality of the old version in order to carry forward, the same essence of the re-engineered product.

PCI has widely worked with application, database and data migration and porting from older / legacy systems.

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