Professional Consulting, Inc., build our solutions on the vast experience, customer successes and best practices of our technology experts. Our IT Consulting and IT Staffing and Recruiting Practice offers a wide range of technical expertise; our consultants have expertise across multiple platforms and languages and specialize in custom application development, mobile application development, enterprise integration, collaboration and portal technologies, business intelligence solutions, content managed systems, and website design and development.

Additionally, In order to attract talent of this caliber, we have launched a two-fold IT Staffing and Recruiting process aimed at gauging both technical aptitude, as well as personality characteristics:

The technical test is an intensive interview to ensure our candidates are experts in their fields.
The personality screening is an in-depth process that identifies the type of culture that best suits an individual, examining traits such as communication style, attitude, friendliness, relationship management, leadership, accountability, teamwork, and self-improvement.

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