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Artificial Intelligence

Software Applications can be developed still more intuitive with intelligence embedded. Intelligence is not only the birth property of human beings, systems could also be built with intelligence in order to support business houses in decision making, execution & planning. MIS, data mining, Material Requirement Planning, Production Planning and Control, Complex Searches, Data Input, System Failure recovery could be some small list that may be developed with the intelligent principles of AI. Expert Systems an application of AI could also be developed for some specific domains in order to support in Experts’ decision making process. Neural Networks could be implemented for complex search processes in voluminous data split across distributed networks.

PCI’s core team has experience in AI and AI applications for more than a decade. Every product built in PCI is built in order to exhibit intelligence. PCI still strives to make application systems to be more intuitive in all its development efforts and that becomes its core strength in engineering software products.

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