Cloud Engineer – Minneapolis MN

Cloud Engineer

Location : Minneapolis, MN

  • Experience developing and delivering cloud native software
  • Experience with Front and back end software development with languages like Java (and associated frameworks), .NET (including .NET Core), JavaScript, Ruby, Python, etc
  • Experience in building high-performance applications that are scalable and resilient
  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment technologies such as: Jenkins CI, Drone, Github, and Artifactory
  • Experience with infrastructure automation, infrastructure as code, automated application deployment, monitoring/telemetry, logging, reporting/dashboarding
  • Experience with container technologies: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience with test-driven development frameworks for application and infrastructure code
  • Ability to use code to self-document requirements of the stack
  • Ability to create clear and detailed technical diagrams and documentation
  • Experience with cloud-based ‘infrastructure as a service platforms’: AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure, or OpenStack
  • Experience with configuration management and automation tools such as: Chef, Puppet, and Ansible
  • Experience with development using GitHub & VSTS
  • Experience with Linux and/or Windows systems administration
  • Experience with measurement and telemetry for infrastructure, application, logging, APM, and UX
  • Experience with the Agile mindset
  • Experience working across multiple time zones with multiple cultures

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