Core Process

PCI follows a process and result oriented approach for all the projects ranging from micro to macro level. Extreme Programming (XP) as a proven methodology is a perfectly blended approach for Software development, consulting and outsourcing processes.

The process is advantageous over the issues that were the bottleneck for the software industry. As well it focuses more on the customer satisfaction and more customers centric. Software being a virtual and a logical product that could only be felt by using the same requires lot of exercises that may ensure a comfort level for the customers.

Today’s speed of business demand JIT solutions. Our proven methodology ensures JIT solution with deliverable right from day 1.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction by our promising process…

  • Early and Continuous delivery of working software
  • All the stakeholders work interactively
  • Models and working software as core deliverables
  • Accept Requirement changes, even later during the development process
  • Continuous Quality Policy